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one more thing

2011-10-14 15:44:37 by Nylux

i know that i haven been on newgrounds for a while but then again its not like anyone cared. :/ any way i am thinking of just posting madness combat related art for the time being. i dont know how often im gonna have time to draw, let alone get on the computer and post. i'll be seeing you guys around


2011-07-27 13:22:43 by Nylux

it seems that all the fun in life has disappeared. to be honest i don't understand newgrounds and its overly complex hierarchy. civilians cant do anything, all the group formation is left to people of a high rank. quite frankly i'm tired of others taking things literally. being a civilian of newgrounds means i have no authority. the system works but its terribly flawed.

space art thread

2011-07-27 08:54:28 by Nylux

im considering taking down my space art thread, until i can draw space better. i will continue it when i get better. for now i will stick to madness combat art style.

if your here

2011-07-26 15:59:12 by Nylux

then you are most likely here after hearing about my art group. interested in xenobiology, or just like aliens in general than i've got the club for you. drawings of space, alien civilizations or creatures, feel free to post them just don't forget to tell people to join up. don't like my art, well that shouldn't stop you from joining. just cause i'm the groups leader doesn't mean i'm automatically the best.

good news and bad news

2011-07-26 07:48:57 by Nylux

the good news is that i'm just going to post art threads to get noticed, the bad news is that i have Team Fortress 2 on my computer now. and i just learned that the reason why they banned free to play users from some servers, "Cause we use the original class items or we don't have hats!" the man responsible for doing this is Asher Baker of Limetech. i mean really if you want to ban us thats fine but really, next time try a valid reason for blocking free to play people.
(i dont care if you are or aren't free to play, the preconceptions involved are EXACTLY like the Xbox PS3 war)
the rant aside im going to start posting art threads, check them out if you'd like

god damn need moar fans

my last art post

2011-07-22 09:13:49 by Nylux

im not going to post any more art, i like doing it but its is demotivating that NO ONE looks at them, i wont be back for some time ok, i just hope people will like my newest drawing... see you guys in a few months, i guess.

need flash now!

2011-07-18 14:40:27 by Nylux

why am i saying this cause when i downloaded flash it came up as script not the actual program, so i am still stuck. i have mac so i don't know if its that flash is not compatible or what but all i know it that its not working.

new art work

2011-06-28 13:06:16 by Nylux

this is the promo poster that i'm going to use for double madness, thats right i'm considering making my own flash series, its not gonna be as good as krinkles and madness combat but give it a chance WHEN SOME ONE HELPS ME GET FLASH ANIMATOR AN AFFORDABLE VERSION! once someone tells me how to get it i'll begin work right away. thanks for your support. do me a favor and rate it if you like it

new art work

i is angry

2011-06-27 16:13:34 by Nylux

i have been trying to find adobe flash on adobes website. the worst part of it all is that when i did find a version it was for businesses and of course costs hundreds of dollars. if anyone can leave the steps to find an affordable version of flash animator i would be in your debt, i can guarantee that you would be one of the first people i'd notify when i make my first flash movie. thank you for your time.

improving my art posts

2011-06-09 15:31:07 by Nylux

if anyone see's and naturally ends up hating my art, just know i can draw on paper lots better than i can on the computer. i am saving up money to get a scanner to show you what i can really do, it might be a long ass time but it will come about some day... for those of you in wait, i appreciate your patience. the problem is i cant get my printers scanning function to link up with my laptop. i apparently need a real scanner to do this, if you know if their is a way i can use my printer/ scanner to scan, than that will save me money. just know that